Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Have you ever been
teased by people and been made fun of? You should not take it lightly or give
up on it. That is a big problem going around the world which is called bullying.
There are several reasons why people bully others and why people are being
bullied by others. People are getting bullied by others and live a life being
lonely. Bullying is even bringing people to killing themselves. I have
had an experience in it and I know how it is like to be bullied by everybody.
But later, I overcame it.
Bullying is when people make fun of someone. There are
different types of bullying; physical and mental are the most important ones. Physical
bullying is when a person hits
another person. Mental bullying is
when a person makes fun of a person by words. There is even Internet bullying where a person writes bad things about a
person in the internet and Cyber bullying where a person hacks another’s
account. There are several reasons why people bully others. People bully
a person to get the other ones to listen to him. Also, people have gotten bullied before so they want to avenge it.
Recently, there has been news that people have committed suicide because of
bullying and many people are posting these things in Facebook and Twitter. So
people kill themselves instead of spending their lives being bullied by people.
I think people should not kill themselves and instead find a solution to the
I have also experienced being bullied by people in my
school. Many of the boys used to
make fun of me. I went through a lot of tormenting. Everybody was ignoring me
in class. At lunch time people moved their desks away from me. I wanted to move
to the other class section from grade 7A to 7B. I only had friends in that
class. However, my school was strict with bullying. They made sure no one was being bullied by other students. They had a school counselor who helps solve problems of bullies. When someone bullies another, the bully goes
to the school counselor’s office and tells him what the bullies did. The school counselor organizes a meeting with
the bully and the bullied person. They both tell their stories of what the
bully did and why the bully bullied the person. The bullies said that they
bullied me because of certain reasons. That was how I overcame my
problem. However, the experience
made me understand how it was like to be lonely with no friends and to be
surrounded with bullies.
If people get bullied by others, they should not give up but
think of a way to overcome the problem. Because my school was strict about bullying, I overcame my problem. But people can
think of many other ways to solve their problem. Also there are suggestions for
people who are in the group but do not want to bully a person. They can just
change the topic so that the people will not bully the person. There are many
ways we can solve the problem of being bullied by people. If we do not give up,
then we can think of ways to solve the problem.
Overall, I wrote about what bullying is and why people bully. There are many ways people can bully another and it is bringing people to suicides. Also, when people get bullied, it is not wise to suicide but figure out a solution to the problem. It is the bully who is going to get in
trouble if you tell the teachers. My school is strict about bullying and organizes a meeting with the bully and the bullied. We learned about bullying at school and discussed about the recent trends and the reasons why people bully each other. Because of the support which I got from my school, I overcame my problem.